Mock Rock Installation Guide For Climbing Holds

For a more in depth tutorial from professional click here and visit the website. Holds are based on unsaturated polyester resins, which are combined with mineral and other additives before moulding and curing to form strong durable products. Material formulations have been subjected to rigorous physical testing regimes, however, it is a combination of factors: materials selection, design (hold geometry), processing parameters and installation which determine fitness for purpose. We have evolved in-house standards which help ensure our products meet customers’ criteria of ease of fixing, comfort in use and longevity. For example, all bolt-on and screw-on holds are oven post cured to make certain that full material properties are achieved prior to despatch. Hold bases are ground flat and a rubber backing applied as appropriate eg. to holds for masonry substrates. Bolt-on holds have through holes and moulded recesses to accept M10 socket head bolts either countersunk (CSK) or cap head which can be supplied with holds. Screw-on holds have two or more countersunk holes for woodscrews which are supplied with holds as standard.

Fixing holds
Bolt-on holds to ply boards using T-nuts
This is the preferred option where boards pre-fitted with T-nuts are mounted on a suitable support structure, allowing rapid changes of hold positions and introduction of new holds. A T-nut is a flanged internally threaded steel sleeve. The flange has 4 inward facing prongs which secures it to the back of the board (normally 18mm thick) and presents the thread recessed within the board ready for the bolt. They are relatively inexpensive so it is a good idea to put in plenty of spares. First drill clean 12mm holes squarely through board. Hammer in T-nuts to back of board; this is best done with board laid flat on a non-springy surface. Then for best results go round each nut and tighten from the front using a short bolt and large washer. This pulls the nut fully home and sets it squarely, it is then much less likely to be poked out when offering up a bolt. To mount a hold, thread correct M10 bolt through hold (CSK or cap of sufficient length) and carefully engage threads. Tighten with an Allen key (6mm for CSK or 8mm for caphead). Avoid over-tightening eg. by use of extension tubes on Allen key, this is unnecessary and could in extreme cases damage the hold. Test by hand to ensure hold is firmly secured. In some cases elongated holds have an additional fixing point for a woodscrew. A surface finish can also be applied to provide friction for feet and improve aesthetics (details on request).

Screw-on holds to ply and timber Bolt-on holds and screw-on holds represent ideal, cost effective solutions for many applications, however, we are increasingly being asked for larger holds / features to add interest and challenge to a climbing facility. Therefore we are now offering unique holds, individually tailored to customers’ requirements in the form of tufa-type rails and both internal and external corners see our feature holds page.