Feature Holds

Holdfast climbing holds Holdfast climbing holds Holdfast climbing holds Holdfast climbing holds

Combinations of larger, feature holds can significantly enhance the scope and interest on essentially flat plywood and masonry walls. The user is offered choice and has greater opportunity to make decisions about how to tackle a problem.

Whilst much larger holds have been made we generally limit the size to a metre or less, typically 0.6 m where a whole range of holds are possible. Holds can, for example, be flat-backed tufa type rails or big slopers, or we can make full use of your corners to form crack or arÍte features. Corner holds can be fitted to both internal and external right angles.

The holds are easily secured using wood screws and the tough nature of their construction means that they can also be applied to masonry substrates. These holds are unique in that no two are alike and we welcome customer input to design.

This does necessitate certain minimum quantities in ordering which in practice is not usually an issue as a series of holds is normally required.