Welcome to Climbing Holds

Welcome to Climbing Holds. We produce a comprehensive range of well over 300 climbing holds, with many new ones featured here: screw-on holds, bolt-on holds, fingerboards and features in a range of colours. For help and advice don't hesitate to call us on 07 527 527 247, some of the climbing language over complicates what climbing holds are.. We aim to make climbing more accesible so any doubts on how to install them email us or give us a call - we work in a busy workshop so we may have to get back to you (usually within an hour)  Ranging from starter sets to extremely technical. We want to make it as clear and easy for you to order, which is one of the reasons we use a tennis ball in our images so you can scale the size of the climbing holds. Many companies use carabiners, some beginner climbers will never have seen a carabiner and they come in different sizes.

Holds are fine both indoors and out and suitable for all ages and levels of ability. We offer quality and reliability for serious training , teaching and instructional purposes or just having fun. We particularly encourage participation by young people and can extend normal trade discounts to schools, universities, youth organisations and certain charities.

Bolt-on holds and screw-on holds represent ideal, cost effective solutions for many applications, however, we are increasingly being asked for larger holds / features to add interest and challenge to a climbing facility. Therefore we are now offering unique holds, individually tailored to customers’ requirements in the form of tufa-type rails and both internal and external corners see our feature holds page.

The range of pocket holds has now been extended to include a front-fitting version which can be easily fitted to existing ply walls see pocket holds... To help in initial selection we have introduced starter packs of either 50 screw-on holds or 20 bolt-on holds at special prices see screw-on holds and bolt-on holds. All Holdfast climbing holds are available direct from us - the manufacturer.

“Great simple shapes, versatile, amazing value. Not to be missed…”